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Foundation of Faith

Sunday, January 6, we will begin the second semester of our new Bible Study Series during the 9 am Sunday morning Bible Study hour. If you do not currently attend a Sunday morning class, please consider joining one of the following new classes:


Grasping God's Word -- 

Upstairs Ed Building Room 216/218

Have you ever struggled with understanding what you are reading in the Bible? This class will introduce a consistent method to determine the meaning of Scripture by providing a hands-on approach to reading, interpreting and applying the Bible. This class is vital for every Christ follower.


Connecting Christian Belief with Christian Living -- 

Upstairs Ed Building Room 214

This class will focus on a topical and historical survey of key teachings of the christian tradition such as the Trinity, the nature of Christ, salvation, and the role of the church.  We will also discuss the impact that these core beliefs of the Christian faith should have on our daily activities.


Walking Through the New Testament -- 

Upstairs Ed Building Room 210/212

While many have read the New Testament, have you ever wondered how or why it was originally compiled? This class will walk chronologically through the development of the New Testament books.  We will investigate the authors of each book, as well as when and why each was written.  We will also discuss the most common questions encountered while reading the New Testament.


The Path to Spiritual Growth -- 

Upstairs Worship Center

Do you have the desire to grow deeper in your faith but do not know where or how to begin?  This class will explore and help you develop practices to include in your daily routine which will enable you to draw closer to God.


If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact Justin Horton, Associate Pastor of Education and Discipleship at jhorton@fbcportlandtx.org of (361)643-6506.


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