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Acts 1-12

March 01, 2016

Today marks the beginning of our study of Acts 1-12.  Each of our adult Bible study groups will be joining together in this study and most weeks I will be preaching a message during the morning worship service on a passage from that weeks readings.  What to get involved?  Here's what you can do.

 1. Read the daily bible readings.  These are short (I mean really short!) and can can download a list of the readings, or you can find them in one of the personal study guides, or in this week's bulletin.

2. Be a part of a Bible study group.  We have groups for everyone.  Just come to come to the Welcome Center and find a group for you.

3. Be a part of worship.  Each week's message will focus on one of the passages from the reading that week.

 It's simple.  Also, I will be blogging about what I am reading and learning as well.  I invite you to share your comments.

Today's reading was Acts 1:1-5.  Here's the verse that caught my attention, "He presented himself alive to them after his suffering by many proofs, appearing to them during forty days and speaking about the kingdom of God."

It's amazing to think to Jesus appeared to real people, in real places, for a real reason- to extend his kingdom.  I think that he is still revealing himself to people today.  

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