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March 16, 2016

 And all who believed were together
Acts 2:44

?As we continue our study of Acts 1-12 this weeks study will be on Acts 2:41-47.  Up until this point we have talked about the promise of the Holy Spirit, the power of of the Holy Spirit, and see the demonstration of the presence of the Spirit at Pentecost and in the preaching of Peter.  Now, we see another aspect of the work of Spirit.  The Spirit of God draws people together.

People coming together does not to seem to be the current way of our world.  You only need to turn on the news and look online to see all the ways people are divided.  It is obvious our world struggles with divisions resulting from race, political views, religion, and socio-economic division.  Think for a minute- where are places you see people coming together?

The verse above says that when the people believed they were together.  Their togetherness was the based on their common faith in Jesus Christ and the Spirit they all shared.  As you read Acts 2:41-47 you see the result of their common believe was a common live- they lived together, worshiped together, ate together, and served together.  

People who believe come together not because of who we are but who we believe.

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